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Fluid was a campus based gender and sexuality group at UC Berkeley, and I made this tribe in hopes it would expand both the campus group and the ideas it is one expression of. You are welcome to join this tribe whether or not you ever made it to the group in Berkeley.

This was our group description at one point:

Fluid provides a comfortable, safe space to talk for those who identify as queer, fluid, power queer, bi, gender queer, polyamorous, lesbian, non-straight but non-lesbian, gay, straight, inter-gender, pansexual, heteroflexible, homoflexible, a-gendered, those who do not identify with any sexuality or gender boxes, those who are questioning their sexuality or gender, and all those whose gender or sexuality are not described by this partial and inexhaustive list.

Fluid is based on the idea that sexuality and gender run along continuums. Many of us are not lesbian, gay, or straight, and many of us do not fit neatly into the gender categories of "woman" and "man."

Fluid also embraces the notion that a person's sexuality and gender can change over time. For example, one might be a lesbian for a few years, a heterosexual for a few months, and then a pansexual, just as one might be a woman, an androgyne, a man, and then a GenderQueer.

We hold discussions on topics like labels, passing, visibility, polyamory, and coming out.

In addition to functioning as a discussion and support group, Fluid also aims to build a community for those of us who do not fit neatly into the man/woman or hetero/homo dichotomies. So, we will also be meeting for social activities like watching movies and going out.

People of all races and ethnicities are welcome at Fluid, as are people of all sexes, including male, female, and intersex, people of all manifestations of ability and disability, and people of all ages.

At Fluid meetings, you can get to know people like and unlike yourself, discuss related experiences, and support each other. Come prepared to laugh, learn, meet new folks, and have fun.

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